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Kino Stool
Kino Stool
Kino Stool
Kino Stool
Kino Stool

Kino Stool

Designed by Kensaku Oshiro
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Kino is a multi-purpose solution that can be used as a stool or a table. Its composition allows for infinite stacking and its material options provide for a broad spectrum of finishes and color.
Weight Capacity
350 lbs (159 kg)
Product Weight
8.3 lbs (3,8 kg)

Inspired by the usefulness of a simple stool and its ability to perform many roles, the design brief for Kino was to create one object whose functionality was both endless and timeless. The solution, which is equal parts furniture and sculpture, was conceived by Kensaku Oshiro, as a stacking stool that takes on different expressions depending on the materials used and one’s perspective.

Everyday Usefulness

Kino’s universal shape, range of materials, and portable scale make it useful for an endless range of everyday scenarios; whether alone or in groups, as a seating surface, a work surface, and everything in-between.

Functional Sculptures

As an interior element, the pure and elegantly connected forms of Kino – its triangular structure, circular top, and rectangular legs - take on sculptural qualities. When Kino is stacked, this effect is accentuated, enriching the interior experience.

Visible Craft

The details of Kino are front and center, providing for a deep connection to materials and craft. This is highlighted by the signature relationship of the leg to the top, where the two elements mirror the curvature of each other with intent and perfection.

Different from Every Perspective

Kino was designed to offer different visual expressions, depending on one’s perspective. From a low position the angular and dynamic underside is revealed, and from above the circular top and leg details take center stage. When stacked, the repetition of forms offers yet another distinctive and engaging presence.

  • Simple shapes and angular frame project a quiet and sophisticated visual language.
  • Solid wood frame construction provides lasting durability.
  • Resilient finishes provide longevity for vivid color, texture, and material protection within commercial applications.
  • Frame wood available in a variety of finishes to meet a wide range of interior schemas and palettes.
  • Seat surface available in solid Ash or Walnut.
  • Frame and Top: Solid Wood
  • Glides: Molded nylon
  • Wood Finish: Catalyzed Lacquer, Stain

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Kensaku Oshiro

Kensaku Oshiro possesses a reverence for nature, born from his upbringing in the Japanese Island of Okinawa, as well as a refined sense for the human condition, honed through his urban experiences in Osaka, London, and presently, Milan. Oshiro’s work history is adorned with the likes of Piero Lissoni and Barber/Osgerby - and a sampling of his past collaborators includes Boffi, De Padova, Kristalia, Ligne Roset, Poltrona Frau, Viccarbe, Zanotta, and Muji. Most notable however is Oshiro’s approach to design, which he describes as “a way of thinking” rather than traditional problem-solving. This perspective has lead Oshiro to pursuits such as capturing the idea of sharpness, inspired by the quality of light he observed during a visit to Seattle, or the notion of discovery, embodied in the underside detailing of Kino and visible only from a low seated angle.